Fallstar is an upcoming open world space exploration game for Windows PC.


Version Progress:

N.B. All features are currently subject to review
  • Sandbox/Open World Gameplay
  • Top-down 2D graphics
  • Huge gameplay areas
  • Randomly generated galaxies containing:
    • Multiple Sectors
    • Planets
    • Solar Bodies
    • Asteroids and Asteroid Belts
    • Black Holes
  • Fast Travel between sectors via jump gates
  • Upgrade your Ship
  • Or buy a faster, bigger, stronger Ship
  • Mine and Trade Resources
  • Or use them to create:
    • Ship Upgrades
    • Equipment
    • Weapons
    • Trade Goods
  • Single Player Survival Mode
  • Multiplayer modes
  • Tools included with release version to create custom galaxies/sectors
  • Incremental releases/updates with an Open Beta
  • ...
Current Version: 0.20 - Status: Pre-Alpha

Version Notes 0.20-pA - 14/07/13
  • Alter Planets & Asteroids to be loaded through specified variables in .SCTR file
    • Add Solar Systems
    • Add Solar Bodies
      • Add texture sheet
      • Add mass, gravity, rotation, rotationalVelocity, StarType variables
      • Handle the update/rotation of a binary star
    • Add Moons
      • Add texture sheet
      • Add to be loaded through variables in .SCTR file
    • Add extra planet textures
    • Add Asteroid texture sheet
    • Alter Planet objects
      • Add DistanceFromSun, Velocity, PlanetIndex, PlanetCenterPos
      • Add Update method to allow planet to orbit sun

Version Notes 0.19-pA - 03/08/12
  • Create C# program to add/sort/view the Master Item List - FallstarItemEditor
    • View the list
    • Edit the list
    • Add to the list
    • Save the list
  • Add missile image for firing ballistic weapons
  • Fix missile velocity bug
  • In Ship Screen, separate equipped items from unequipped items
    • Add CanStack variable to item list/definition
    • Draw equipped symbol on equipped items
      • Ensure immediate update of equip state
  • Ensure equipped items move to a new slot if equipped elsewhere
  • Only allow shield on/off when shields are equipped
  • Only allow energy drain from shields when shields are equipped
  • Allow equip/unequip of weapons on Ship screen
  • Constrain the use of weapons to those equipped
  • Alter energy input/output to refer to file-based stats - ItemStatistics.txt
  • Constrain the use of lasers/engines/etc... to when energy is available
  • Add credit value to items
  • Add manufacturer to items
  • Store the equipped status of items in .GLX file
    • add “Equipped” section
    • add Equipped flag to item definition
  • Fix ListWindow tooltip bug where tooltips do not disappear when mouse is outside of the systems window
  • Alter Cargo screen
    • Alter layout
    • Add display of correct credit value
    • Add display of manufacturer’s logos to items
  • Redesign the Cursor
    • Smaller cursor
    • Battle mode cursor should be centred on mouse position
  • Alter Ship screen
    • Alter layout
    • Add ship-specific equip slots
      • Energy Weapon Mounts
      • Ballistic Weapon Mounts
      • Reactor
      • Impulse Engine(s)
  • Remove ballistic weapon from initial inventory
  • Add additional Planet textures
  • Alter random generation to specify random planet texture
  • Add new planet values to checks to ensure planets with new textures are registering as planets and can be mined etc...
  • Add Energy production from reactor
  • Add Heat reduction from heatsinks
  • Add Energy usage
    • Engines
    • Lasers
    • Shield
  • Alter Ship Info HUD element and display
    • add energy indicator
    • update energy and heat displays
    • remove old display elements
  • Add tooltips for Ship Info
    • Energy bar
      • Current Capacity
      • Max Capacity
    • Heat bar
      • Current Temp
    • Shield
      • Current Capacity (kJ)
      • Max Capacity (kJ)
  • Add Shield on/off functionality
    • Right click shield on Ship Info HUD element

Version Notes 0.18-pA - 13/07/12
  • Fix galaxy loading bug caused by the incorrect ordering of gates
  • Fix cargo list bug
    • Occurs when multiple items are present and user has scrolled to the bottom of the list
  • Fix list bug
    • Highlight displays at fixed width, not list dependent width
  • Alter random Galaxy generation to create all current attributes in .SCTR files e.g. planet and asteroid resources
    • Add Planets
    • Add Asteroids
    • Add Planet Resources
    • Add Asteroid Resources
    • Add ED Gates to Texture Map
  • Add .GLX creation to Random Galaxy generation
  • Add player inventory to .GLX file
    • Read in upon Galaxy load
    • Save on game exit
    • Add First Load Inventory Items to Random Generation
  • Add player attributes to .GLX file
  • Add Credits
    • Store in ScreenManager
    • Save to .GLX file
  • Create EnergyUsage.txt
  • Add working sector/star map to Systems Menu
    • Display Galaxy map (sectors overview)
    • Scroll wheel to zoom in/out

Version Notes 0.17-pA - 25/06/12
  • Add list system to rest of systems menu
    • Lab cargo list
    • Tech upgrades list
    • Ship screen cargo list
  • Add attributes to player to keep track of upgradeable attributes
    • Add Tech Points to ScreenManager to allow allocation of upgrades
  • Add double-click in Tech Upgrade screen to install a selected upgrade
  • Add resources to Asteroids through .SCTR files
  • Upon leaving a sector save the state of all sector entities to the .sctr file
    • E.g. if a planet has been mined of resources, we need to save the new quantities
  • Design & Implement placeholder icons for item lists
  • Alter Use Mode/Battle Mode switching
    • Hold down the SHIFT key to enter Battle Mode
  • Add scroll wheel functionality to main cargo list

Version Notes 0.16-pA - 10/06/12
  • Implement system to handle lists of items
    • Icon
    • Item Name
    • Quantity
    • Weight
    • Handle scrolling through the list
      • scroll bar
  • Use list system to display player inventory in Systems Menu
  • Add item selection to list system
    • Highlight the selected item
  • Alter Inventory handling to update the cargo list from the player’s inventory
  • Alter Item system to specify item attributes in a file
    • Implement Master List
    • List contains image filenames, descriptions, energy usage, weight per unit etc...
  • Repair any regression issues caused by the altering of the Item System
  • Implement Tooltips for lists
  • Take screenshots

Version Notes 0.15-pA - 24/05/12
  • Alter the mouse selection code to detect the full area of a tiled entity
  • Add planet-specific information to the .sctr file
    • The type of resources on the planet and the quantity
    • Currently only works with one resource per planet, fix to address this
  • Add Planets as an in-game entity with a list of resources
  • Change the right-click mining functionality to use the relevant Planet entity to mine from
  • Random Generation of Galaxy
    • Create New menu option
    • Basic implementation
      • Call a function in ScreenManager upon selecting “Create New”
      • Generate at least 20 Sectors
      • Connect the sectors together
  • Move all F keys to the FallstarGame

Version Notes 0.14-pA - 16/05/12
  • Add Screenshot function
    • Watermark added
  • Maintain inventory contents between sectors
    • Move the inventory to the ScreenManager
  • Provide default inventory items for a new game
    • Lasers
    • Fuel
    • etc...
  • Alter GameplayScreen to accept either a Galaxy as a starting point or a Destination Sector and Originating Sector
    • Galaxy used for first load of a galaxy
    • Sectors used for inter-sector travel through ED gates
  • Loading Screen gameplay tips
  • ‘Tab’ key for showing/hiding systems menu

Version Notes 0.13-pA - 15/05/12
  • Design & Implement Basic Screens
    • Cargo
    • Lab
    • Star Map
    • Ship
    • Tech
  • Design & Implement Basic HUD
    • Minimap
    • Health Display
    • Shields Display
    • Heatsink Status
    • Speed / Direction

Version Notes 0.12-pA - 14/05/12
  • Updated project to XNA 4.0
  • Credits Screen
    • Credits
      • Staff Credits
      • Additional Thanks for Fonts
      • Inspired by Minecraft
      • Inspired by Starflight
    • Music
  • Main Menu Music
  • Placeholder In-Game Music
  • Menus:
    • Ensure centered menus transition on and off correctly
    • Main Menu:
      • Single Player
      • Multiplayer
      • Options
    • Pause Menu:
      • Resume
      • Options:
        • Music Volume
        • Sound FX Volume
        • Fullscreen On/Off
      • Exit
  • Ensure “Single Player” screen searches for existing galaxies and displays them
  • Add Log functionality
    • Add timestamp to Console Output
    • Store all Console Output
    • Save all Console Output to a Log File upon game exit

Version Notes 0.11-pA - 28/04/12
  • Fix Parallax layer so it adapts correctly to movement
  • Add extra parallax layer to aid sense of movement
    • Space Dirt layer
  • Advanced Gate Implementation
    • place the player in front of the relevant gate after gate travel
    • implement West & East gates

Version Notes 0.10-pA - 25/04/12
  • Advanced Gate Implementation
    • specify the sector a given gate connects to in the .LVL file
    • implement North & South gates
  • Right-click Use Mode menu on player ship to access menus
  • Display a Log Window and write to it
  • In-game cursor
    • Switch modes with scroll wheel
  • Basic Gate Implementation
    • ability to jump into a different sector
  • Debug Info On/Off (F3)
  • HUD On/Off
  • Basic Minimap
  • Change TiledSpace to use Tile Sheets instead of individual images
  • Static Background
  • Parallax Stars Layer
  • Include Blank Tiles
  • Logo/Background
  • Show other entities on minimap


Screenshot from Version 0.19pA
Screenshot from Version 0.19pA
Screenshot from Version 0.19pA
Screenshot from Version 0.19pA
Screenshot from Version 0.19pA
Screenshot from Version 0.19pA
Screenshot from Version 0.19pA
Screenshot from Version 0.19pA
Screenshot from Version 0.19pA
Screenshot from Version 0.18pA
Screenshot from Version 0.18pA
Screenshot from Version 0.18pA
Screenshot from Version 0.18pA
Screenshot from Version 0.18pA
Screenshot from Version 0.17pA
Screenshot from Version 0.17pA
Screenshot from Version 0.17pA
Screenshot from Version 0.16pA
Screenshot from Version 0.16pA
Screenshot from Version 0.16pA
Screenshot from Version 0.16pA
Screenshot from Version 0.16pA
Screenshot from Version 0.16pA
Screenshot from Version 0.16pA
Screenshot from Version 0.16pA
Screenshot from Version 0.16pA
Screenshot from Version 0.16pA
Screenshot from Version 0.16pA
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